The mountain chalet is situated in the upper part of the Loučná pod Klínovcem municipality at the altitude of 950 a.s.l. The chalet building is located next to the road linking Loučná with the Klínovec Mountain SKI AREA. This location can offer a great number of beautiful places for summer as well as winter mountain hiking and trekking activities, and it is a frequented ski resort in winter due to its vicinity to downhill courses in the Klínovec Mountain area.

  • Parking is provided for at the land plot in a close vicinity to the ski chalet. The distance from the lower station of the new chairlift is 650 m. For service to the ski lifts can be used.
  • Accommodation is rendered by means of a rental of 3 flats (apartments)
    with the aim to provide guests with utmost freedom and privacy
  • The cottage is open all year round


Apartment A 4   people  73 m2
Apartment B 4   people  84 m2
Apartment C 12 people 170 m2